”Having our first baby, neither my partner or I knew what to expect during the pregnancy or the birth itself. Piia provided us with good advice in how to prepare and I feel that discussing our hopes as well as fears with her helped us be better prepared for the birth, both mentally and physically.
I hoped to have a natural birth and Piia knew what I needed and how to support me in labour to make that possible. Besides helping in relieving the labour pains with acupressure and back rubbing she provided me with encouragement and security. I feel that having a doula minimized my anxiety and fears, made me better prepared for the unexpected and gave me extra confidence in myself and my abilities to give birth.
To the father to be, Piia doula gave great advice and reassured him of his role in comforting and taking care of the labouring mother and the first steps of fatherhood.
For us, having a doula was absolutely invaluable.”

Arna 30+ v.